Sons Of Toil Brewing

Home of the Horny Handed IPA

In reading the History of Brown County we came across this passage which became the inspiration of our name and overall theme.  Our family like many in this area came from a long line of farmers who made their living through hard work and sacrifice.

"Green Township was slow in being peopled and improved; the land from Greenbush up to the northern boundary line comprising fully one-half of its acreage, is very flat and level, and was for years very swampy.  The lands of Green have been ditched and drained, and now compare favorably in productive quality to any of Brown County. The old pioneer foreigners will leave a goodly heritage for their sons and daughters to enjoy. All honor is due to those horny handed Sons of Toil, who left their native land and crossed the ocean, cast their lot in the swamp lands of Green Township, and by hard labor and unceasing toil, have made it what it now is."

-W.H. Beer-